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Terms and conditions of booking

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The Fishermen's Cottages, Staithes - Sea Haven, Old Jack's Cottage and Fisherman's Cottage

Bookings during the Covid-19 pandemic
We are accepting bookings on the basis that either our guests or ourselves may cancel the booking at any point up to 24 hours before the holiday is due to start, if the guest or we have any concerns. The safety and peace of mind of our guests and neighbours is important to us. We require full payment on booking by bank transfer. We guarantee to refund 100% of all money paid should either party cancel the booking up to 24 hours before the dates booked, for Covid-related reasons. To book – select your preferred dates on our availability page, then email or call 07941 908898. Payment by bank transfer is our preferred option. .

1. Your bookings become effective when confirmed by us via e-mail.

2. We ask for the full balance of the holiday upon booking. We will refund your payment in full if you cancel for any reason any time up to 28 days before the start of your holiday.

3. Properties are usually available for occupation from 3pm on the first day of your holiday and must be vacated by 10.30am on the final day. For the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic, ie from now until this clause is amended, bookings run from 5pm on day of arrival until 9am on day of departure, this guarantees that our housekeepers have sufficient time to carry out the additional cleaning protocols we have introduced for the safety of our guests.

4. The maximum number of guests permitted at Sea Haven is six, the maximum number at both Old Jack's Cottage and Fisherman's Cottage is three. You must not sublet the property.

5. Pets are very welcome at Old Jack's Cottage and Fisherman's Cottage, however they are not permitted at Sea Haven.

6. A full list of terms and conditions will be mailed to you and must be agreed by you after you make the reservation, but, before you've paid. It's just all the obvious boring stuff - don't be too noisy, please tell the housekeepers if there any breakages, no BBQs in the bathroom.

7 Should you wish to change the agreed and paid for dates of your holiday we will make every effort to accommodate you.